Nadam from the grassland into the world stage into the new international popular elements

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In  the home of Inner Mongolia, Xilin Gol League, every year to hold  hundreds of large and small Nadam Assembly, a lot of Gacha's herdsmen  will take turns to host that Dharma, far and near GachaOf the herdsmen can only come to attend.However,  as with other ethnic minority projects, urbanization of the high-speed  process to bring them the biggest problem, these origins in the  grasslands, mountains, bamboo village of non-heritage projects, the  original mass base, the social environment continues to change,Folk traditions have suffered great challenges.Ordos  City Zhungeer flag 46-year-old into the city herdsmen, said his own  pasture area has 3,000 acres of grassland, but rarely go back.Many herdsmen left the grasslands into the city, the young people are  basically outside the work, Gacha that even if there is no one to  participate.In 2006, Nadam was included in China's first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.As the main heritage of this heritage, Inner Mongolia has paid a lot of effort.From  2005 onwards, Inner Mongolia on September 6 each year as the "grassland  cultural heritage protection day", which is China's first provincial  government in the name of the establishment of the Cultural Heritage  Day.In 2009, Inner Mongolia and the establishment of intangible cultural  heritage protection center, Nadam and other groups of grassland culture  carrying the essence of being carefully protected, government  departments and experts and scholars continue to tap its connotation and  began to promote."In the grassland culture inclusive, open and advocating the natural  connotation of the spirit of Inner Mongolia in the protection and  inheritance, in the beginning from the beginning of the protection and  development of the road." Inner Mongolia famous scholar Hao Cheng said.It  was soon discovered that Nadam was no longer just a celebration of  several herders in the pasture, and the Nadam Congress had become the  most sole cultural festival organized by the archives of the Union, with  the relativeFixed time, activities, funding and organization, the spread of nearly  800 years of "men and three art" and sacrifice obo and other folk  activities have been retained.A  peculiar phenomenon is that now no one knows how many years will be  held in Inner Mongolia Nadam Assembly, because from the official to the  people, that Dammam is a charismatic cultural brand and attractive  business card.Through the tradition of innovation, Nadam activities have been given  new connotation, as the regional economy, commerce, culture, tourism and  other aspects of the development of a comprehensive event.Some statistics show that since 2001, Inner Mongolia Nadamu activities  to receive domestic and foreign tourists reached 70 million people, the  cultural industry output value reached 16 billion yuan, economic and  trade talks reached an investment agreement of more than 4000 billion  yuan.The  first Ordos International Nadam Conference, held in 2010, brought this  traditional event to a new level with a total of 11 countries and  regions to attend the event. Nadam first stood on the world stage and 44  more overseas delegations this yearParticipation, participation and influence are further expanded.The  Indian athlete, who participated in the current Nadam Mu ball game,  came to Inner Mongolia for the first time. He was interested in the  combination of tradition and modernity. He was interested in "bringing  traditional culture to the world and the hope of every nation.Tradition and modern integration, help more and more people understand this culture.The  second session of Erdos International Nadam Executive Committee Zeng  Han said: "Nadam Assembly continue to integrate into the new  international popular elements, beauty, live camp, walking through the  desert, outdoor cross-country challenges, also held calligraphy,  painting, car display, etc.And so on, Nadam Congress from the traditional event to the modern  sports competition, cultural blend, economic and trade negotiations,  foreign exchange as one of the international festivals forward.The development and protection of "Na Dumu" provides a reference for the protection of ethnic minorities.Zhang  Xiaoshan, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences who  has visited Inner Mongolia, said that the protection of intangible  cultural heritage should be sustainable. A viable way is to carry out  productive and exploitative protection. By vigorously developing the  cultural industry,solid foundation.Now, the grid can not only participate in the activities of the  government-sponsored activities of the Nadam, but also through the live  television to watch the opening and closing ceremonies, she can also  permanently enjoy the Nadam and the construction of the National Fitness  Center and other venues."I believe that Nadam will continue to be held and loved by more people," she said.

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