Xi Jinping sent blessing in Inner Mongolia

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Inner Mongolia Xilinguole winter Nadam activities, Xi Jinping participated in the "five animals pray" ceremony.He  used the ring finger dipped in the mother of milk to play out three  times, and then said that I borrow "five animals blessing" meaning, wish  the New Year weather, grain bumper harvest, grass and animal  prosperity.I wish the motherland more prosperous and prosperous, the people of all ethnic groups more happy and well-being."Nadam" is a grassland herders festive prairie harvest, wish the trendy traditional party.Including  the "three men" (wrestling, horse racing, archery), hi thal (Mongolian  chess) and other Mongolian national traditional competition project.Usually  held twice a year, summer is generally held in July to August, winter  is generally held in December to January next year.



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