Dear Friend:
Do you know the Lonely Planet?
There were no accommodation and tour information about us before 2009. The CITS was the most popular travel agency before 2009. But after 2011, we(including the accommodation and the tour) replaced the CITS, other travel agencies and hostels of Hohhot city on Lonely Planet. We have been written in this book almost 6 years since 2011. It proves that we are strongly recommended by the backpackers from all over the world. In other words, what we provide is what they need.
For the tour, we are totally different from other travel agencies which face to the Chinese tourists. Firstly, the grassland tour where we are going to is the traditional Mongolian family not the touristic area. Further more, the most of the tour guides are Mongolian and they can tell you some Mongolia culture.Last but not least, we don’t have the hidden price. The tour price of other travel agencies is cheaper than us, but I am pretty sure that you will pay more during your trip.
In conclusion, you can trust us and we are trying to do better and better in future.

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