Great Wall of China Tour
1 Day tour
v    8:00am: After breakfast, travel by mini bus to the White Pagoda
v    After visiting the White Pagoda, go to the Great Wall at Helin Xian.
v    Around12:00am: Arrive at DaiHulukou and begin 1 hour hike.
v    13:00pm: Arrive at the Great Wall.  Rest and eat lunch.  Hike the Great Wall and surrounding hills.
v    Around 7:00pm: Return to Hohhot.
l    Visit the White Pagoda [ In the middle of the fields, 7km east of the airport(about 22km from Hohhot), is Bai Ta(白塔;White Pagoda; Admission Y35 ),a striking seven-storey octagonal tower built during the Liao dynasty. A steep, double-barrelled staircase leads to a small shrine room at the top. Few travelers come here so you feel like you have the place to yourself.-----Excerpt from Lonely Planet ,page 853]
l    Hike to the Great Wall from DaiHulukou
l    See the majestic mountains and plains of Hohhot, farmers tending their crops and the spinning wind generators (wind turbines) across the Shanxi(Shanxi province  is on the south of Hohhot) border
l    See the Great Wall between the Shanxi and Inner Mongolia borders
l    Enjoy a picnic lunch on the Great Wall
Tour Price Includes:
•    Transportation
•    Entrance ticket to White Pagoda
•    Picnic Lunch
•    Guide service
We recommend that you bring your own sun protection, such as sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and also appropriate shoes or boots, and water.
It is a little dark in the temple, you’d better bring a flashlight.

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