Great Wall of China Tour
1 Day tour
   8:00am: After breakfast, travel by mini bus to
go to the Great Wall at Helin Xian. 
    Around12:00am: Arrive at the Great Wall. Hike the Great Wall and surrounding hills.

     Rest and eat lunch.    

  Around 6:00pm: Return to Hohhot.
   Hike to the Great Wall. See the majestic mountains and plains of Hohhot, farmers tending their crops and the spinning wind generators (wind turbines) across the Shanxi(Shanxi province  is on the south of Hohhot) border
   See the Great Wall between the Shanxi and Inner Mongolia borders
   Enjoy a picnic lunch on the Great Wall
Tour Price Includes:
•    Transportation
•    Picnic Lunch
•    Guide service
We recommend that you bring your own sun protection, such as sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and also appropriate shoes or boots, and water.

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