Yungang Grottoes+Hanging Temple+Greatwall
               2 days 1 night Tour    

Activities included:
  Visiting the Hanging Temple,Yungang Grottoes and Greatwall.
  Enjoy the different scenery between Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Province.
  Enjoy the scenery of Mountain Heng--the northern mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China
  Night time to explore Datong city by yourself.                                   
Day 1:
08:00am: Depart from Hohhot to Datong.
11:00am: Having lunch in Datong.
13:00am: Arrive at Hanging Temple. Spend 2 hours to visit the temple.
15:30pm: Drive back to Datong,sleep in the hotel.
Day 2:
08:00am: After breakfast, go to Yungang Grottoes,visiting time is around 2 hours.
12:00am: Have lunch in Youyu.
14:00pm:Hiking on the Greatwall about 2 hours.
18:30pm: arrive at Hohhot.
Tour inclusions: 
  4 meals
  One night accommodation

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