Day 1:
Arrival to Herdsman house:
1, Mongolia Lunch prepare with the Herdsman family.
2,Horse ridding for 1 hour.
4,Climb mountain on the way to the town.

Day 2:
1,Wake up and prepare for the day (wash, gargle, etc.) and catch the sun rising on the grassland
2,Breakfast and departure for Naadam Festival (arrival around 9:00 am)
3,Lunch in Naadam Festival (little sample restaurant)
4,Horse racing, rain prayer, archery until 16:00 pm and gentlemen can join the wrestling.
 Naadam Festival:  It will be local children racing Mongolian’s horses through a race of 30km. It is very exciting!
There is also wrestling, you will then be invited into a large circle, where you can either watch or take part…yes you can live out your fantasies of being a real wrestler with traditional wrestling uniform.
5,Driving to a Mongolian family close to desert.
A,collect dry cow pies for evening fire
B, herding sheep
C, herding horse or camel
6,Campfire dinner
For dinner, mutton’s meat, local beer, Mongolia’s wine, cola, salty milk tea and juice provided without restriction.
7,Mongolia Movie in the Mongolian Yurt .

Drive to Lama Temple for lunch with Lamas.
Mongolian culture speech will be delivered by living Buddha, around 1 hour, Mongolia’s tea will be provided during the speech.
14:00 PM
Go back to Hohhot airport, .
Including: Accommodation, meals, drinking, transport, horse riding,English tour guide.

Date of Nadam Festival 2017
1)1st of June 2017, Thursday
2) 3rd of June 2017, Saturday
3) 5th of June 2017, Monday
4) 7th of June 2017,Wednesday
5) 8th of June 2017, Thursday
6) 9th of June 2017, Friday
7) 10th of June 2017, Saturday
8) 13th of June 2017, Tuesday
9)16th of June 2017,Friday
10) 19th of June 2017,Monday
11) 21st of June 2017,Wednesday
12)24th of June 2017,Saturday
13) 28th of June 2017,Wednesday
14) 29th of June 2017, Thursday
15) 1st of July 2017,Saturday
16) 6th of July 2017,Thursday
17) 7th of July 2017, Friday
18) 10th of July 2017,Monday
19) 12th of July 2017,Wednesday
20) 17th of July 2017,Monday
21) 18th of July 2017, Tuesday
22) 20th of July 2017, Thursday
23)25th of August 2017, Friday
24) 6th of September 2017, Wednesday

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