Xilamuren Grassland+Zhaohe Temple +Desert Tour (2-Day and 1-Night)
2 Day and 1-Night Tour
Travel by mini bus(2 and half hours drive)at 08:30 visit a traditional Mongolian family
Day 1
²    Around 11:00am: Arrive at Zhaohe to see the temple(around half an hour)
²    11:30am: Arrive at Mongolian home for traditional Mongolian tea.
²    12:00am: Eat lunch.  After lunch, visit the area.
²    3:00pm: Horse-riding in the grasslands (Horse riding is not included in the tour price).
²    After horse-riding, collect dry cow pies for evening fire.
²    6:00pm: Dinner. Then watch the sunset
²    8:00pm: Make a bonfire. Star gaze.
Day 2    
²    6:00am: Get up to watch the sunrise.
²    7:30am: Have breakfast at
²    8:00am:Leave for Desert
²    12:30pm: Stop for lunch.
²    13:30pm: Arrive in Kubuqi Desert. Take a Jeep or Surfing car to go into the desert.Ride camels (camel-riding is not included in tour price) and do other activities.Then take a Jeep or Surfing car to get out of the desert(not include in the tour price).
²    Winter time :Activities in the desert (dune sliding for many times,  Camel riding around 1 hour , excluded from tour price)
²    16:30pm: Leave the desert.    
²    20:00pm: Return to Hohhot.    
l    Enjoy a traditional Mongolian lunch, dinner and breakfast
l    Visit the beautiful and scenic grasslands
l    Horse-riding and trekking on the grasslands
l    Spend a night in a Mongolian yurt (In Mongolian a “Ger”)
l    Shoot traditional Mongolian bow and arrow.
l    Watch the sunrise and sunset
l    Enjoy the shining stars in the sky.
l    Have a quiet and peaceful time
l    Watch sheep and cattle herding
l    Experience the open plains of the desert
l    Hike in the desert
l    Ride camels
l    Play beach volleyball and go dune sliding
Tour includes:
•    Transportation
•    4 meals
•    1 night stay in an original Mongolian yurt (Ger)
•    Entrance ticket to the desert
Tour excludes:
•    Horse-riding  
•    Activities in the desert
    (Includes  ①Camel-riding around 20 minutes
②Take Jeep or Surfing car go into and get out of the desert
    ③Sand socks rental
    ④One dune sliding descent
•    Kindly prepare any other food items if you require supplements to the food provided
•    We recommend that you bring your own sun protection, such as sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and also appropriate shoes or boots, and water.
•    No shower,no toilet in the grasslands, just natural toilet,6-8p share one yurt..
•    Take some warm clothes.
•    When the wind is strong in the desert, avoid using your camera as sand may cause the camera to malfunction.We recommend that you bring your own sun protection, such as sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and also appropriate shoes or boots.
•    The yurt is very warm even it is cold outside(the temperature is around -20℃and the earth covered with white snow), because the floor in the yurt can be heated. We provide sponge mat and quilt. The temperature is around 15℃-20℃ in the yurt. Wearing a sweater in the yurt will be fine.
•    We prepare Green army padded coat, cotton cap,and snow boots for the tour in winter.Because it will be very cold on grassland,especially the windy day,it will be chilly cold. it is more cold than your imagination. You definitely will need this kind of equipment. For the money you paid, it is not for our income, it is for you and other passengers. You can get warm and we can update the equipment.

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