The 3rd Ordos International Nadam Conference Event Schedule

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People's  Daily Channel from the Ordos Municipal Party Committee Propaganda  Department learned that the third Ordos International Nadam Congress and  the first Ordos International Creative Culture Conference event  schedule recently released, the third Ordos International Nadam event  from March began until the end of the year.During  the period, the city of direct culture, tourism, sports and other  departments held more than 60 activities; the flag area and enterprises,  tourist attractions, clubs, associations held more than 200 activities.Activities  include international, national, autonomous and municipal sports  events, as well as cultural activities, exhibitions, group tourism and  other content.The concentration of activities from the beginning of August 22, to the end of August 27.The  third Ordos International Nadam Conference to "four seasons fashion  Nadam" as the theme, in the "unity, warm, fashion, thrift" and  "government guidance, business-led, market operation, national  participation" principle, "Image,  push the three financial (financing, financial wisdom, financial  business), adjust the structure, promote transformation, happy people  "as the goal, focus on continuity, participation, network and universal,  highlight the company's operation, association operation, marketThe  development of cultural, sports, tourism and modern service industry  development, the construction of national leisure travel destination, to  enhance the visibility of Erdos, reputation and reputation of the  international tourism industry,Influence.The  first Erdos International Creative Culture Conference, with the theme  of "Huizhi world and create a future", is composed of contest, forum and  exhibition trade. In accordance with the stage of sustainable  activities, the stage of active activities is promoted in an orderly  stage.Creative  activities include creative life week, street interactive conference,  project roadshow, exhibition, exchange, trade, etc .; forum divided into  the main forum and sub-forum, the main forum to "city creative future"  as the theme, during which the International Cultural and Creative  ConferencePermanent  venue landing ceremony, sub-forums have young creative,  service-oriented manufacturing Internet + large data peak, service  design and other three forums.Which  will be held for the creative contest for the country and overseas  regions widely solicited creative design works, and encourage well-known  brand enterprises to participate in, have been other awards works can  also participate in the evaluation.Works include visual communication, industrial design, arts and crafts 3 categories.Competition  set the organizing committee award 1, first prize 15, second prize 30,  third prize 45, the most popular award 50, 10 outstanding organization  award, network voting participants award 500.Finalists and winning entries are all displayed in the official website of the conference and the media.Competition  is the most popular award by the official website of the General  Assembly and microblogging microblogging registered netizens for sea  election, more votes were received this award; Internet voting  participants award generated by the lottery; the rest of the awards by  the contest review of the leading group assessment.Attachment:  "The 3rd Ordos International Nadam Conference Event Schedule" and "The  First Ordos International Creative Culture Conference Event Schedule"

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